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Union Thai-Nichiban Co., Ltd.; is manufacturing operation as a Manufacturer of Natural Rubber Adhesive tapes for export and domestic distribution. Realizing the importance of privacy protection. The Company highly respects the Privacy Rights of Customers, Business partners, Employees and Stakeholders. Therefore, the Company has generated a Personal Data Protection; to inform the Data Subject of the operations details such as data collection, data usage, data processing or data disclosure, including the Rights of Data subject under PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) B.E. 2562 and other related Law as the followings

1. Scope of application

This Privacy Policy has been generated to protect personal data under the control and operation of Union Thai-Nichiban Co., Ltd. to be protected under the Personal Data Protection Act. The Company's worker to whom related to this personal data must be strictly adhere to and practice as the same standards.

However, collecting, using, processing or disclosing personal data. In some cases, by the exceptions of the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 or other relevant laws, including information collected before the Personal Data Protection Act B.E.2562. The Company can continue to collect and use that personal data as the original purpose. The Company will inform and communicate to the Data subject. In case the Data subject want to make an objection to the collecting and using that information, the Data subject can withdraw consent.

2. Definitions

  • Personal Data means any information relating to an individual person which enables that person to be identified, whether directly or indirectly, but does not include information of the deceased person in particularly.
  • Sensitive data means personal data that is sensitive and risky of being used for unfair discrimination such as information about Ethnicity, Sexual behavior, Criminal record, Health information, etc.
  • Data Subject means the person to whom the data can be identified to.
  • Data Controller means a person or juristic person who has the authority and duties to make decisions regarding the collection, use, or disclosure of personal Data.
  • Data processing means the process of collecting, using or disclosing personal data according to the order or on behalf of the personal data controller.
  • Data Processor means a person or juristic person who processes the collection, use or disclosure of personal data according to the order or on behalf of the Data Controller. Therefore, a person or juristic person as above mentioned is not the same person as Data Controller.
  • Personal Data Breach means disclosure or access to personal data with unauthorized from the Data subject

3. Collecting of Personal Data

  • 3.1 Sources of Personal Data; the Company may receive personal information from below sources:
    • - Collecting from Data subject directly, from various company’s operation, such as a Job applying, responding to the Company's questionnaire, the usage of Company's website through Data subject's browser's cookies or the transactions, etc.
    • - Collecting from indirect sources, such as website searching from the third party etc., The company will notify the Data subject of collection with no delay; within thirty days from the date of collection, and will request for consent from the Data subject every time.
  • 3.2 Types of Personal Data that the Company may collect:
    • - Information of Job applicants/employees of the Company as the below:
      • 1. Personal information such as name, surname, gender, date of birth, marital status, ID card number, etc.
      • 2. Contact information such as address, telephone number, email address, etc.
      • 3. Educational information, such as educational background, Academic transcripts, Proof of graduation, etc.
      • 4. Working and financial information, such as employment history, salary, benefits, etc.
      • 5. Sensitive data such as facial photographs, health information, Religion, race, ethnicity, information of disability, etc.
    • - Information of customers, partners and visitors
    • - Personal information of contact, such as first & last name, telephone number, email address, LINE ID, etc.
    • - Information from CCTV footage in the company and the surrounding area
    • - Information from the usage of company's Website and/or social media, such as product ordering from the company's website, information of registration, visiting to the company's website, etc.
    • - Other information obtained from the company operation, such as marketing surveys, feedback on the company's products or services. information from conversations, etc.

Therefore, the Company will collect personal data as necessity for the company's operations under legitimate purposes or purposes of usage, that will be notified before or at the time of collecting and the company will request for consent from the Data Subject first, except in cases where the information can be stored as exempted by law.

4. Purpose of Collection or Use of Personal Data

The Company collects and uses personal data for different purposes in order to enable customers, business partners and persons related to the company; to use products and services with company’s implementation/coordination to achieve the objectives such as:

  • - For business operations such as Sales contracting, Procurement, Make a contract between the Company and the Data Subject, etc.
  • - Offering products and services information, Promotional activities, hearing the opinions for Company's products and services improvement.
  • - Financial transaction operations
  • - To comply with relevant laws such as Labor laws, Social Security Act, Accounting Act, Computer Crime Act, etc.
  • - Internal management such as Employment, organizing internal activities, providing welfare to employees. hearing employees' opinions to increase their satisfaction, etc.
  • - For Communication and Coordination
  • - To verify and/or identity verification

In which we collect personal information, in some cases the Data subject does not provide personal data; it may cause of the suspension of contracts, transactions or related activities due to the Company is unable to process the data or fail to comply with the prescribed laws, etc.

In case, the Company is required to use personal data for a different purpose than previously stated or consented. The Company will inform the Data subject of the new purpose of using information and request for new consent for further use. In addition, the Company highly recognized the importance to accumulate and keep the sensitive data, which is specific to the Data subject, such as information about race, ethnicity, sexual behavior, criminal record, Health information, etc.

The Company will request for consent to collect and keep sensitive data that has already been consented as the Company's confidentiality which undisclosed to other persons without explicit consent, except for data storage that must comply under relevant laws that the company’s compliance is a must. The company will then notify the Data subject consistently.

5. Data Processing

The Company processes Personal data for the purpose of service processing, taking service, communication, monitoring and reporting of related results to business operations and/or the performance with the company.

6. Retention Period

The retention period of the Company's personal data is divided to

  • 6.1 Retention data as long as specified period by law.
  • 6.2 Retention according to the necessary period and appropriate to the Company's operations or already achieved the purpose of collecting over the period that need to comply with relevant laws.

When the necessity to keep data for the specified retention period in this document has expired. The Company will delete, destroy or data anonymization. For example, documents in electronic file must be deleted which is the information is no longer accessible. Documents in paper form must be destroyed by a paper shredder or burned.

7. Use and Disclosure of Information

In some cases, the Company may need to disclose the collected Personal Data to the third party, such as account auditor, external auditors, government agencies, etc.

The Company will use and disclose Personal Data as necessary according to the criteria and purposes which has been notified or consented, except for Personal Data that is exempt from legal consent.

In case the Company has to disclose information to other persons for business operations, for the benefit or service of the Data subject. The Company will disclose personal data as necessary and will check if the Data recipient has adequate standards of Personal data protection in order to processing and will instruct the Data recipient to keep the information confidentially and use it for the purposes and scope specified by the Company only.

If it appeared that the Data recipient does not comply with the Company requirements or there is a Personal Data Breach, the Company will notify to Office of the Personal data Protection Commission (PDPC) within 72 hours and to Data subject. The Company will cooperate with the Data Subject to take action against that incident and may consider terminating the employment contract or terminating the business contract with the Personal Data Breacher.

International Data Transferring; the Company may necessary to transfer your personal data to foreign agencies or international organizations, such as for Legal compliance, for comply with a contract to which the Data Subject is a contracting party, etc. Nevertheless, the Company will check whether that agencies have adequate Personal data protection standards and comply with the personal data protection criteria as announced by the committee. If it appeared that foreign destination agency has inadequate Personal data protection standards. The Company will notify the Data subject and request for consent before each submission of information.

8. Personal Data Security

The Company provides Personal Data Security to prevent data loss, accessibility, alteration, unauthorized disclosure by taking preventive action as the following:

  • 8.1 Administrative protection procedure such as issuing regulations for data, data storage and data processing equipment accessibility controlling, to secure data and data usage, etc.
  • 8.2 Technical protection procedure such as determining the user's access to data according to the permission level, using a password to access data, data recovery, data backup, and traceability review, etc.
  • 8.3 Physical protection procedure such as defining User’s responsibilities, CCTV installation, Specific data located retention, Deletion and destruction of data from being reused, etc.

9. Rights of Data Subject

The Data Subject to whom has provided Personal Data to the Company shall have the following rights:

  • 9.1 Store the data as per specified period specified by law.
  • 9.2 Rights for consent withdrawal of the Processing of Personal data that has been given at anytime.
  • 9.3 Rights to access to Personal data and request for a copy of Personal data, including request for disclosure of Personal data without consent.
  • 9.4 Rights to alteration or addition of incomplete information
  • 9.5 Rights to delete Personal data for some reasons.
  • 9.6 Rights to suspend the use of Personal data
  • 9.7 Rights to transfer Personal data to other Data controller
  • 9.8 Rights for objection to the personal data processing

In case, the Data subject would like to notify the Company to exercise rights as mentioned. The Data subject can contact us through company contact channels, the Company will consider and notify the results of your request within thirty days from the date the Company receives your request.

10. Contact Us

In case you would like to contact us for suggestions or inquire about details of collection, usage, disclosure of personal data, including a request to exercise your rights under this policy, you can contact the Company as the following channels

10.1 Union Thai-Nichiban Company Limited 12 Soi Serithai 62, Minburi, Bangkok 10510

Telephone 02-517-0100-3 Office Hours: 07:50 - 16:30 (except Saturday-Sunday or public holidays)

10.2 Customers (contact Sales section)

Telephone 02-906-8083-5

Fax 02-517-1015

10.3 Suppliers (contact Purchasing section)

Telephone 02-919-8086, 02-919-8335, 02-919-8963

Fax 02-517-0104

10.4 Visitors, Employees, Websites, etc. (contact Personnel dept.)

Telephone 02-540-7661, 25-517-4489, 02-919-9607

Fax 02-919-9601

11. Review and Alteration of Personal Data Protection Policy

The Company will review the Personal Data Protection Policy to ensure consistency and up-to-date with relevant laws and regulations practices at least once a year or as appropriate. If there is any change in the Personal Data Protection Policy, the Company will notify you through the Company's contact channels.

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