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When you access to website ( the related information of your access will be saved in the form of cookies. This Cookies policy describes the meaning, features, purpose, including deleting and refusing to store cookies for your privacy. Thereupon access to this website you will consent to our use of cookies according to the cookies policy as the below details

1. What are cookies?

Cookies are text files with small pieces of data from a downloaded information that may be stored on your web browser or other Internet-connected device, such as a computer, smartphone or your tablet. The server can be browsed later, similar to the memory of a web page.

Cookies allow us to automatically collect and store the following information of your visiting to the website:

  • a) Internet domain and IP address from where you access the website
  • b) Type of browser software as well as the structure and operating system used to access the website
  • c) The date and time you access the website.
  • d) The addresses of other websites that link you to our website and the web pages you log in and log out from our website, including the content of the pages you visit and the duration of your visit.

2. Benefits of Cookies

Cookies tell us which parts of our website you visit where we can provide you a better website experience to meet your requirement.

In addition, Saving the first settings of the website with cookies will allow you to access the same website that has been set every time, except the cookies are deleted, all settings will be back to their defaults.

3. Purpose of Use of Cookies

  • - To remember information about your browser and settings and help you to use the website continuously to increase your experience and satisfaction with the service.
  • - To evaluate performance that inefficiency website needs to be improved.
  • - To collect and analyze data on visiting and usage of website to understand people's interest.

4. Use of Cookies

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies; that essential for web site operation including cookies that enable you to access and use our website safely.
  • Analytical/Performance Cookies; are allow us to remember and monitor the number of visitors to the website, as well as to help us learn about the behavior of web site’s visiting in order to improve the features of the website for better quality and more appropriate. It also collects statistical information about how user to access and visit the website, that make more easily for user to find what they are looking for, also it helps us to understand user interests, and measures how effectiveness of our advertisements.
  • Functionality Cookies; are used for recognize you when you return to use the website again. This will allow us to customize the content for you. Customized our website to your needs and remember your preferences, such as language or region, or font size you choose to use on the website.

5. How to disable Cookies

  • - You can disable cookies by configurate your internet browser and privacy settings to suspend the collection of data by cookies in the future.
  • - However, some features on the website are require the use of cookies. If you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some or full features of that services.

6. Change Notice

This notice may be updated appropriately and consistently with the current situations and services. Updated notices will be posted on this website, please check and make sure you understand the changes.

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