About the organization

Union Thai-Nichiban Co.,Ltd.

Union Thai-Nichiban Co.,Ltd. ; A joint venture company between Saha-Union Public Co.,Ltd and Nichiban Company Ltd. Japan was incorporated since1973 to manufactured Self Adhesive Tapes and distributed to both domestic and international such as Japan, USA, Hongkong, India, Pakistan, turkey, UK and New Zealand.

High quality products under Union Thai-Nichiban’s trademark UNITAPE , Panfix are positive recognized
and accepted brand from domestic and international consumers at all times

Union Thai-Nichiban Co.,Ltd. has been certified by ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management Systems from Bureau Veritas (Thailand) Ltd. , ISO 14001 : 2015 Environmental management systems from United Registrar of systems (Thailand) Co.,Ltd , AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) of World Customs Organization from The Customs Dept. Thailand and Green System Level 3 (Green Industry project) from Ministry of Industrial

Since UTN started the operations we attempted to deliver high quality products to meet our customers expectation with no environmental impact. And we will develop and improve the product quality to fulfill the customer requirements.

Moreover, UTN strongly believed that there’s no limit for quality improvement as this will be a continuing process of quality development and improvement to meet or/and beyond customer’s expectations. The company has determined Visions and Missions including Management policies as the followings :


  • Be a company with continued revenue growth
  • Customer’s delight for Quality and Service
  • Employees take pride in their organization


  • High quality and Punctually delivery
  • Work improvement continually for reducing production defects
  • Follow Sequence of Operations for Quality, Safety and Environment
  • Sales promotion to expanding a business

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

The company has implemented ISO 9001 to standardize product quality. To assure that a quality standard will meet Customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, the company has determined the quality management system ISO9001 policy as the following :

Committed to development
Progression of quality
Customer Delights

To achieve the quality policy we attempt to proceed as the below :

  1. Continuing work efficiency
  2. Escalate employee’s Quality of Work life.
  3. Reduce “work in process” defective product and maintain quality control to meet customer requirements.
  4. Increase customer satisfactions in every aspect.

ISO 14001 Environmental management systems

Beside ISO9001 Quality Management System, by awareness of product development with no impact to environment, ISO 14001 Environmental management systems has been implemented to assure that, in every production process has no impact to environment. The company has determined Environmental policy as the below :

Committed to development Progression of qualityCustomer Delights Environmental responsibility Conservation of Energy Work safety

To achieve the environmental policy, the company has determined the objectives as the following :

  1. Comply with the Laws and Regulations for : Environmental , Energy conservation, Resource usage reduction and Safety in related work.
  2. Focus on Pollution prevention and protections by strictly control Work in process.
  3. Resources conservation with energy saving and consumables items saving.
  4. Create an Employee Training course for Environmental recognition, Energy conservation and Work safety.
  5. Review the system throughout the compliance and keep maintaining to enhance Environmental capability.

Security Management system - AEO Standard

Moreover ISO9001 Quality Management Systems & ISO 14001 Environmental management systems have been implemented , UTN also concerned about the security movement of export goods. Here are Goods security policies :

Committed to maintaining Goods security
with World Class Standard

In order to achieve the Security policy here are the objectives

  1. Comply with the Customs dept. Law & Regulations and Related Law including rules and/or requirements.
  2. Create employee’s awareness of unusual factors which can be effected to the Security or Goods Security.
  3. Continually develop and improve Security system to align with AEO (Authorizes Economic Operator} standard.
  4. Review the system throughout the compliance and keep maintaining regularly.

Green Industry

On top of the management systems previously mentioned ; UTN has adopted Green industry – As Green System Level 3 Certificate to implement a Systematic Environmental management , Evaluate and Review for continually development.

The certification of Environmental management standard is a commitment to reduce Resources and Energy consumption. A Production process with environmentally friendly is getting positive acceptance by our supply chain and surrounded community.